About Nitriding

What is Nitriding?

Nitriding is a case hardening heat treatment process that diffuses nascent nitrogen into the surface of steel and cast iron. Distortion of nitrided components is minimised due to relatively low process temperatures without the need for quenching. Plain carbon steels, Alloy steels (particularly those containing chromium and aluminium), Stainless Steels, Tool Steels, Cast Iron, S.G. Iron etc can be suitably nitrided to increase surface hardness, thus reducing wear and tear which results in substantially improving the life of the component.

Nitriding Improves:

Surface Hardness
High surface hardness values can be achieved especially in steels containing chromium and aluminium

Wear Resistance
Substantially improved sliding and running properties

Anti Friction Property
Coefficient of friction and tendency to scuff  are reduced

Corrosion Resistance
Nitriding plus post oxidising gives good resistance to components under corrosive conditions

Fatigue Strength
Increase in rotating-bending and rolling strength

Nitriding enhances the Productivity & Life of:

Gears, Pinions, Cylinder Liners
Crank Shafts, Cam Shafts, Spindles
Punching Tools, Forming Tools
Extrusion Dies, Forming Dies, Moulding Dies
Injection Moulding Screws, etc…